Hayabusa High Pipes


I want to get a set of high pipes for my bird but am trying to decide what to get. Anyone out there with any suggestions? I am looking at the Devil and HMF set ups, but am open to other ideas.
HMF`s are very nice, thats what Im a runnin and love the hell out of um. I too was thinkin about the devil but after seeing them in person, the HMF took the cake. The fit is great, the build is the greatest, and the mounts are great also.

My votes on the Hmf all the way.
agree... HMF Highmounts look great and sound as good as my Muzzys. That would be my choice #1 if buying new pipes.
A friend here in socal has a set of HMF High Mounts on his bird. Great pipes, sound, construction, look. THE best set of pipes I've seen on a busa, better than my 2 BROS.

I wish I had bought the high mounts... 1 week after I got my pipes on my bike I saw a busa with the HMF's... all I could do then was dream....
OK, next question where can you get the best deal? Looks like everyone likes the HMF over the Devil. I was wondering why the devil pipes retail for 360.00 less for the carbon cans? Anyone want to put a word in fell free.