High mounts


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I know what every body has to say about HMF but my question is about Devil Bikes high rise dual for the Busa.
Are thay as good, better, worse, what?? Ive never seen a right up on either pair so I dont have any hard test facts other than what people say. I know that word of mouth is realy the better way to find out about something but I need to know about Devil, Im interested simply because the fact that thay are high rise and there cheaper than HMF.

Im goin to buy a full system just as soon as I make up my mind about the pipes, but untill then Im lost as a pup in a toppless bar.

any help would be put to good use.

I love the HMF. I have the 4:2:1:2 on my Busa and it is lound but increases the HP by about 14.