Has anyone weighed their Hayabsua??


I installed a Yoshi full system TI.  Removed the pair valve.  put on the hump and went and had her weighed.  I was very disappointed.  It was done with a full tank of gas and the oil level was normal.  I actually think I gained weight.  Whats up with that???  540lbs holy crap she needs a diet!!!!!!!!


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both front rotors still on, half tank, nitrous system on, 525 pounds. id say yours definitely needs to loose some weight.
I am thinking that I need to go to a different station? I think that it is alittle high. either they hit the weigh button while I was just stepping off or their scales are wrong or I could be in denial.. I don't know.

go to a truckstop that has a CAT scale.. like a pilot or a TA truckstop.. flying j's have certified scales to but the CAT scales are better... see if u get a different reading then.. i wouldnt trust those CO OP scales..
I dunno about the big truckstop scales really. They are going to have a margin of error, and when were talking 110,000 lbs or so you 500 something pound busa is going to be well into their margine. I would consider going to the base and heading by the housing office. They should have a scale that might be just a little more accurate...or a whole lot worse...

But, MotorCyclist magazine has the wet weight for the Busa at 550 LBS, so it sounds like your prolly in the ballpark. A lot of other folks here are smoking something... cept maybe NickSlick but the reasons for his weight loss or readily apparant.
im a truckdriver i recommend a CAT scale.. reason is they guarrantee their scales.. if u ge ta ticket for being over wieght they will fight it for u in court. if u split the scale platforms u can probably get how much wieght is on the front tire and the rear tire with u on it.. ive actually wieghed myself on some of these scales as im walking across it and its right on...
I weigh my bike 3x a week. My second job is at a scrap yard and I drive across the scales going in and out. They both say (Subtracting my lard butt) 545lbs. This changes depending on how much gas I am carying.
my track has a brand new digital scale. but most people around here go to the local recycle place and use there digital scales. the guys that work there love to check out the bikes and let em weigh for free while they ask 'how fast does it go':D