Diabetes update.


Got my results back after not drinking no takeaways and no sweets.
Eating healthy and dieting.
Did this for six weeks, and still doing it.

I'm really pleased.

Sugar level down to normal.
Triglycerides fat level more than halved down to 5.6, a bit more to do on this need to be down to 2.0, when I first got diagnosed with diabetes they were 36.7.
Blood pressure normal.

Lost 12lb in weight.
Still weigh 267 lb want to get down to 224 lb to start with then try for 196 lb.
Was 308 lb at one time.

Got to thank Lynne for the diet, she's on it as well and has lost 27 lb as well.:thumbsup:
She goes to Slimming World, really good diet and I feel a lot more healthy.
And it's not all salads and feeling hungry all the time.

Got to go back in January for another check up.
Thanks everyone.:thumbsup:

All watch out for yourselves.
My diabetes started with the soles of my feet going numb.
By the time they found out it was diabetes it was too late for my feet.
Been numb and sensitive since.
Congratulations on your success.

Big Kudos to you for your efforts to become healthy and productive! :bowdown:
That is great news. It is something that can sneak up on you before you know it. My wife is always after me for eating to much junk food. So far mine has been good but it is one thing all of us need to keep an eye on. Congrats again
Glad your doing well. I also got the diagnosis this year and have been working to lose weight and eat right. I see some old friends posted here, Merry Christmas to all my friends.