Potential Problem?????


I was cleaning her this morning and noticed something odd on the wheel.  The first picture is the general location and the second is a close up.  I am not sure if it cracking or just not a very good paint.  I don't want to scrape to see if it cracked if this is just normal from the casting. I have 2600 miles on her.

What do you think?:super:


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I would pic a small area and hit it with a small screwdriver and see what happens, see if the "cracks" are just in the paint... Thats what it kinda looks like but I would dig a little to be sure...

My .02 What have you been using to clean your chain? Wondering, because the paint there looks sorta lifted...
Don't take it to the bank but those are probably just typical casting marks. My hub looks the same. I have polished some of these hubs and the marks have always polished-out with no sign of cracks.
That makes sense, I'll check mine tonight Longbow...
Thanks that was what I was thinking that it was casting marks. Makes me feel better now that I know. When I tapped on the hub it does sound solid.

Thanks again Rev and Warbaby. Rev let me know what yours looks like.

Confirmed - die casting marks. Caused by surface of metal solidifying (SP) before the inside. When the inside cools and shrinks, it wrinkles the surface.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I guess it might relieve others that might see the same thing. It did me.

Again thanks

I had wondered about mine too, same thing. Glad my first thought was right and it is just casting!
A few of us were checking out the same thing at Laguna this year. We all had it too.