Has anyone ever seen the Busa factory ?


Like the title says, has anyone here ever been to the Busa factory in Japan ? I think it's near Tokyo, (Toyokama), I believe.

The reason I ask is I will be going to Japan in a month and if I get the chance am hoping to go to the factory for a tour and also to get some sweet ass pics of the factory !!
I believe someone here took a few exterior picture of the factory and tried to get info on the 2004 colors. If you can get some inside photo's, go for it. :)
the name of the plant is toyokawa the address is 1-2 utari,toyokawa,japan thats where the production line for the bikes are the main office is in hamamatsu thats where they put the engines togather the address is 300 takatsuka,hamamatsu,japan hope that helps peace.
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Did you say 1400cc? Is that a typo or a reference to a future model (please please please)? Oh wait, I like my '03, I don't want to buy a nother one.
hehehehe :) the corporate guyz made a terrible mistake in their own site!! better tell them to correct that!