Got up early today to do a little cookin'


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Mom and dad came up for the long weekend so Diana and I decided to treat them to some bbq.

I got up at 5AM to start the smoker and put the brisket on about an hour later.

Here's some pics...

Last night we prepped the 12lb brisket with yellow mustard and our home made rub. Here it is as it goes on the smoker.


...and this is what it looks like after 10 hours, only a couple more to go.

If you're gonna have meat, there's gotta be potatos. Here's some spuds as Diana gets the ready for the grill. She cuts wedges out of the potato and filles it with butter and onions. Then we wrap them with bacon and seal them in foil. They will go on the smoker for about an hour.

All wrapped up and ready to go

Appetizers are ready for the grill, jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Diana is making Parker House rolls from scratch. I'll post up pics once the dough has finished raising and she has them ready for the oven.
Here are the rolls, ready for the oven.
Mmmm that looks sooooo good!! Do you ro mail order??

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The food orgy will begin in about 90 minutes!
I was so tempted to NOT open this post as I am HUNGRY and don't want to cook!!! But I can not resist the food pics you guys put up. Looks AWESOME!!!! This is going to be LONG night! :lol:
You and Dennis are always welcome! And Dawn and Randy. And pretty,much the rest of the .org
nice dude,, that brisket looks killer,, i want to try one of those one day just not sure how to go about it
nice dude,, that brisket looks killer,, i want to try one of those one day just not sure how to go about it


It's not really that hard, just low heat for a long time... I plan on about an hour per pound at 225F of indirect heat. Don't use ketchup or tomato based sauces or rubs to cook with as it will burn and become bitter. I've found that yellow mustard works the best because it lightly maranades the meat and lets your choice of spices stick well without burning.
and the finished product...





I forgot to mention the beans earlier...HRH will love me tomorrow :whistle:


and the plate....

Ohhh my that looks amazing! I will be in Dallas in a few weeks, wanna repeat that then :whistle: :please:
Can you send a plate to Logan Airport now on a rush please!