Got up early today to do a little cookin'

Dan what are you using for a Smoker??

It's on offsite smoker made by Lyfe Tyme Smokers in Uvalde, TX. The entire thing is welded out of 1/4" thick steel.

Looks like an awesome meal!....Hmm, what am I gonna have thats good? doubt it will be anything like
Like, "WOW!!!", right!?!!! My goodness Dan that looks fantastic! I considered bringing the smoker to the Spring MnG in Eureka as a neat little addition to our already pound producing feastival. (Well, it can be for all the good places we go to for good eats as well as what we've cooked on site in the past.) And mercy, Diane! Those rolls....!!!! Looks like a feast festival for sure! Looks like you guys are well on your way to a good finish to a long weekend. Have a Good 'un! :thumbsup: :beerchug: