got a ticket!


Lily's Daddy
so I was driving down the road minding my own buissness, and actually doing the speed limit for a change. When all of the sudden I see some idiot kid hanging out the passenger window of the car in front of me...then I realize he is throwing something out the window.
I look down at the ground and I see something shinny in the road, so I'm dodging left, dodging right, trying to avoid the shinny objects he was throwing out the window.
Then it happens I look up in my rear view mirror and there is a nice red bubble gum machine flashing behind me with what I can call some annoying wailing going on too. I pull over and stop. The officer walks up to me and asks for my license. registration and ins. He asks me if I know why he pulled me over, I say sure I was all over the road, then I try and explain to him why I was dodging left and right.
Well to this point the officer really doesnt believe me, but he goes back to check the road...I see him walk about 60-75 feet away, bends over picks something up, then again over there bends over picks something up, then he returns to me and holds out his hand.
In his hand he was holding what looked to me like thumb tacks, he then proceeded to give me a ticket for tacks evasion


damn when I opened this I said man that sucks... Then I read it laughed and forwarded it my dad who is a CPA... I'm sure he will laugh when he gets it... thanks for brightening my day!


Very nice djsin! That's good. Just when I was getting ready to feel sorry for ya...hehe I've been duped :moon: :laugh:
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