Good Busa Article in SuperBike Mag.


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Please excuse the quality, these should be legible but I left the good camera at work and I no longer have a good scanner at home...So here we go....

Yeah Cache, Can you help??? Delete the last few posts I have made here regarding this? article, I will start over...its gone horribly wrong...
I deleted the other threads you started. you can post what you want here, or make a new one and have me delete this one.
Nope I can work from here...Thanks Bro...I caught a real bad case of stupid this morning...

OK Folks here we go...
YEah I was just on the wrong page...Kept going back and adding topics instead of replies...Spooky.

Pg 2... Again sorry for the hard to read print...

Thanks for the info. A lot more clear if you save as and read it from my documents...especially the first and second pages.
Yeah thats a good idea blas. I could have and wanted to get whole pages out there but the file size limit just wont let that happen.
You gotta love those Brit bike mags. Everytime I happen to go into a Barnes and Noble I will sit down with a coffee and read them front to back. Yes I am too cheap to buy them but this posted by Rev is a good reason to and a hoot to read.
hmmmm never tried parking my bike on a waterfall and don't think I'll start