Gonna get one!


Hey all,

I'm this close (put your thumb and index finger a few mm apart) to gettin' a Busa.  I set up a test drive this weekend, and unless something just doesn't feel right,  I'm gonna do it.

Can any of you guys give me some ammo for dealing with the salesfolk?

I know on less popular bikes I could talk 'em down easy, but I'm not sure on a top 'o the line bike like the Busa.

What kind of deals, if any have some of you guys gotten/heard of?  MSRP is like $10500.  Is $1000 off way off base?

I want a good deal, but I really want the bike, and there aren't many dealers around, so I can't walk out only to come wimpering back a few days later

Any inputs would be GREATLY appreciated.



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Are you paying cash or financing? Also what color? Sometimes you can find last years colors at a little better price. Like you I'm a real bargin hunter. But bikes dont seem to have as much price margin as cars for the dealer. I found my bike at www.cycletrader.com - it was only 8 months old and had only 600 miles on it, and still had a few months warranty. Price was $9500.00 including delivery to Hawaii. Their are some guys that buy a new bike and curcumstances change ie; baby on the way ... I saw a couple adds said "too much bike for me " with like only 300 miles on it. Anyway I did my deal sight unseen but it was from a dealer. Depending on your location if your willing to drive a couple states over ... but do most of your shopping online or telephone first. Ofcourse cash talks ... good luck.


I got mine for $8800.00 brand new last October its a Blue and Silver 01, but at the same time i purchased $1500.00 dollars in extras plus $ 500.00 in tax so i was back up to retail. I think thats why they came down so far on the price of the bike


I paid 18,000AUS which converts to 9,550US but that included on roads. So RRP as is would mean i paid about 9,000US.

I'm sure you could talk him down no probs as if they want to make money they will sell you the bike as there is obviously still profit to be made at that price.
I just bought mine, silver 2002. the last bike was a 200 katana 600. Man o man what a bike. I paid $10,000 with the 4 year warranty. I could have gotten the 2001 from another local dealer for about 9,000, but I just can't stand those guys!! If you don't care about the year, several dealers seem to have left over 2001's that they will deal on. I think the only real differences are the colors and the polished exhaust pipe. Have fun, you can't go wrong with this bike!!



I just bought a brand new 2002 for $9100 from a canadan dealer. Local guys wouldnt go lower than the $10900 retal price.
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