Deals Gap


I'm going to be going to deals gap this sunday!!! it'll be my first trip. I have a hotel at Deals gap resort. I cant wait to get there. Just curious if anyone is going or wants to go. I'm riding down there with a few harley guys. (geezers) I'm also curious if anyone has any tips or advice for riding that long on the busa! Thanks hop to see some of you there.
How long you gonna be there? Riding The Dragon will be easier during the week than on the weekend. Definately take it easy your first couple of times thru, try to learn the road a little bit. Remember, don't get too close to the yellow, especially in a blind curve. There are people out there who can't ride/drive worth a crap. (sometimes it's the cops that are in the wrong lane)
Good luck and be safe especially on the Dragon but DO the Cherahola sweeet ride