Deals gap this weekend


I'm going to be in the asheville/waynesville area and am thinking of heading up to deal's gap for some riding. Anyone in the area free to ride thursday, friday, or sat?
I live in Hendersonville but this weekend is the Bel Chere Street Festival. Come join us for that. We may not go to the gap but we will be riding.
I heqard about the festival, and i may be staying in hendersonville or arden.. i'll let you know by thursday.

That would be cool. We will ride but we WILL wind up at Bele Chere. You will enjoy it if you go. Thursday. I look forward to hearing from you.
Keep an eye out for my L.E., I'll try and make it up there. Here are some tips...... The police have been ultra-cool, because about 4 people have been crashing per day on the weekends (about 2 per day need the cops) and they are still not setting up roadblocks or anything funky. BUT: they are nailing people around the lake, so keep it reasonable on the TN side. The cages are kicking up gravel in a couple of the corners, so I recommend that you make an inspection pass before you turn up the wick.

Hopefully see you up there!
I couldn't make it last weekend but some friends and myself are heading up there this weekend.  Fri 2 and Sat 3.  I will be on my 2000 Blue and Silver and will be riding with a GSXR1000, CBR 929, and a R1. I will post pics when I can.
Just got home last night from the Gap. All I can say is WOW. If anybody has the opportunity to go there take it you won't regret it. Just use your head and look out for gravel on the road. The turns are tight and if you miss one it's a long way down. If you like faster runs then take the Foothills Parkway or the Cherohala Skyway. Both are awesome rides. They are both very easy rides while doing around 60-80 mph. Just look out for the police. Check out this website for maps and pictures. Only saw one guy lose it and it was on a straight away. I'm not sure how he did it but he was OK. The bike slid on durt then over the edge. It stop about twenty feet down when it hit a tree. If not for that tree it would have been gone. You couldn't see the bottom. When talking to that guy his reply was "Well that was number 9 and still walking, ha ha" :hammerhead:
A Buddy called today while at the Gap. 8/04/02. He and his family were passing thru there, on their way home from Texas.
He said they had just passed a group where a guy had crashed and they were doing CPR on him.
Hope it was noone from here.

Ride safe! :usa:
The web link I listed above has updates about the Gap. The guy I wrote about rode his bike away once they got it back up to the road. But I'm sorry to say that the guy BADZXELEVEN wrote about didn't make it. He was from Florida and was riding a R6 when he highsided and went over the edge. My sympathy goes out to his family. We once again ask riders to treat the Dragon with utmost respect. A simple mistake can be fatal.
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Sorry i missed you guys. But i ended up coming back early. I didn't have previous hotel arrangements and the the Bell Chere, Folk Moot, and whatever Craft show was going on I couldn't find a reasonable hotel between Asheville and Murphy. So i had to return on the company dollar. But i may catch you before the season is over.