Deals gap weekend


Depending on the weather I plan to roll up to Deals Gap and the Blue ridge Parkway and do some riding this weekend. If all goes well i'll hit you guys up with some pictures beginning of next week.

If you're in the Deals Gap/Asheville, NC area let me know and we can possibly get together for a ride.

MAN!!!! I hate that I missed this..... I was looking for a reason to get up there. I guess I should check the board a little more often. Drop me a line next time you are heading out this way (

Dezzy and Gap,
I've been thru the area as well and would love to ride there. If you're ever moved to put together an informal ride, I'll bet you could persuade a fair number of us form East of Mississippi (at least). I'm in northern MI and I'd consider it. The whole ridge thing actually sounds pretty nice. Just a thought...