Fieldsheer Leathers


I see these leathers advertised in all the cycle magazines every month and have check their web site and they say they are race quality leathers 1.3-1.6mm leather. But I don't know anyone who actually owns them but always has a great deal on them 30-50% off MSRP. Bottom line I'm gonna make the plunge for a set of leathers and wanted to see if anyone owns a leathers made by this company..

Give me some feedback :beerchug:
Brockton Cycle is ok.I have dealt with them on several times.I do own a fieldsheer leather.I've had it since 97 and still use it no problems except I lost my liner and I saw them at the bike show and they said they would replace it.
Dez, I have the F.S. mesh/leather jacket. I've worn it all summer (well after the crash) and like it better that the Joe Rocket products, plus it is cheaper. It has a THICK back pad and full CE armor in the elbows and shoulders. I'm impressed and reccomend it fully. Dont know about the full leathers but if the stiching on the mesh jacket compares to the leather, i'm sure it will be a fine product. Chris
I have the FS mesh jacket too. It works for keeping cool but I don't think the slide would get far before the mesh would shred. The armor is good quality so impacts would probably survive. I bought a really thick perforated leather motorcycle jacket and retired the mesh. But I put the FS armor in the leather jacket. Now I feel bullet proof. Alpinestar makes a great "Track pant" with armor and pucks that is really race quality and is very comfortable. You can ride all day in the summer and the pants won't bother you at all.
I have a fieldsheer leather jacket and it worked well when the pavement and I got personal.  The only problem is they are not going to be selling their products in the US anymore. :withstupid:   How stupid can a company be anyway?  Something to do with their distributer or shipper or something.  Duh there are other people and companies that can ship something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well we'll find out how they are. I just order a set of leathers and boots from them. I'll keep ya posted for when they get here. Wish me luck.

I have a FieldSheer SuperSport jacket and Sport2 pants (zip together). They're a very good value and the standard armor is pretty good also. I'd still recommend a spine protector or armored shirt if you race.

I'm a big guy, also (6'4", 275lb) and the "relaxed fit" FieldSheer gear is an excellent fit -- that's hard to find, IMO.

The FS suit is my primary spring/fall gear, and I wear the jacket with an electric liner in winter.