Gone fishing anyone?


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Just curious to see how many of you are into fishing. I know it's a far cry from riding the 'busa, but enjoyable just the same. I just started fishing again, haven't fished since I was a little kid. Mostly for catfish and stripers and I seem to be the worst angler in the country. I caught 3 fish so far, 2 tiny rock bass and an equally impressive catfish. Not sure what I'm doin' wrong, maybe it's the hooks, maybe it's the bait, maybe it's the spots I'm fishing in, or maybe it's all three...either way, I'm becoming addicted to it just like I am to motorcycles now.

Oh, and if anyone has any advice for me...it would be greatly appreciated!!!
Just keep at it, a friend at work has got me hooked on bassin. The only up side is when it's to damn cold to ride I freeze out on the boat. A 5 pounder is my best but there only onething like it, thats doing 170mph so now you can have the best of both worlds.
Haven't got much fishin in this year, and only a handful of times last year, but landed over 300 fish the year before!!!!
Was fishin almost every weekend!!!
I live in an area that has about 20 rivers, 10 lakes and an Ocean within a half hours drive.
I love fishing! Don't get to do it much now. I live within a couple hours drive of a lot of the best trout fishing in the country. Having a wife and kids cuts down on the amount of time I can get out by myself. Not that I'm complaining about them.
Been having decent luck recently fishing freshwater with the airboat,sold the ocean boat.Miss the big fish,but it was too much like work.