Depends on the HP, you are going to ram. What Turbo system? Street or race?
I would recommend that if you install the turbo you should either weld the 2 piece back torque limiter or replace it with a billet piece and put heavier springs in. The rest of the clutch should live ok eventually though you will fry up the plates especially if you run high hp with the turbo. If you have the available cash the best way to go would be to buy a lockup clutch from either MRE or MTC that will insure that you will never have any clutch problems and you will put max hp to the rear wheel. The draw back to a lockup clutch is price around six to seven hundred dollars...........
Bought a hahn's turbo stage one, plan to run about 250 HP on the street. Bought billet clutch with stiffer springs, thanks for the replies.