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What is it worth? 2002 Hayabusa, Zero miles on bike, turbo was professionaly installed by EFR Racing in Chicago who is the number
one recommended installer by Hahn Racecraft. Bike includes, Super 16g Mitusbishi turbo, EFR stage 4 upgrade-
downpipe and intake, larger injectors, HKS blowoff valve. Also included billet parts- lockup clutch and center, starter
cover, starter gear, high pressure oil pump gear. Air shifter, adjustable lowering kit, drag racing chain, 2 stage boost
control, ignition kill, shift light, xenon headlights, dark windscreen, stainless steel brake and clutch line. Gauges include, egt,
fuel pressure, boost, oil pressure.
i saw the same bike on ebay it was orgionally posted at 20,000 no one took a bite at it and now it was reposted at 15,000 and thier biting........
If I had not already bought one, I would have not only been biting, but I would have been riping the leg of that mother.
Owner wants to get $20K for the bike, and yes it is the same bike advertised
on ebay. I don't know much about the builder, but seems to have a good rep
I just am not sure what it is worth in the current market.
I would say 15,000-18,000 would be a good price. Any more than that I'd build my own. That way you know what you've got and who did it. Buy a used or wrecked bike put 10,000 in it and beat all !!!!
There is a someone selling a 1999 turbo charged in the ontario bike trader for $20,000 Canadian.  Check it out at www.autotrader.ca

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If that's just a Hahn system, $12-13000 tops. $9-10K for the bike (if brand new) and $3500 for the kit. $20K is just trolling for suckers, IMO.
tis true i was looking into the hahn turbo for my 2002 and the guy i eamiled rained on my parade it doesnt come with an intercooler..........thats why its 3350 bucks so now i have to save more and get the mxpress one for 5800 so i got a ways to save..........ugh......