Gen II battery


I am looking for a new battery for my bike. I realize that their are many choices. But would like to here from some members on what they are running? I have been thinking OEM replacement.
Fortunately I'm still running what the factory gave me, but when I replace it, plans are to go Li
Shorai is the only way to go. My bike is 7lbs lighter and has more CCA (315) available than my wife's car.
knippie - if you are thinking OEM, we can send you a Yuasa which is traditional lead acid. I have one on my Gen-II and works fine.

Bike is on the battery tender when not in use so should give me many years of use.
I just replaced my OEM with one of the new Shorai's! So far I love it and no issues. I went with the smaller 14 and not the 18 that they recommend. No problems cranking or starting what so ever. Got it online for $143 shipped! :thumbsup:
Ballistic here, lots of choices. The one that suits your needs and budget will be your best choice.

I chose this one due to the fact that it's lighter, cranks better, was cheaper and I am able to use my battery tender jr. as opposed to purchasing a new charger for the other Li brand battery.
Yeah I have been waiting patiently for my battery to die or have some xtra money to needlessly spend on my busa so I can get my hands on 1 of those Ballistic Lithium batteries :drool: I think its around like an 8lb reduction in weight and the cranking amps are 2nd to none when compared to standard or other lithium batteries.......:whistle: