Gen 2 Tuned


I finally got around to adding my full exhaust (ex Honda East Justin race bike parts) to my bucket.

This was tuned with a PCV.

Everything else is stock.

Bike made 165 hp and 92 foot pounds stock. It is now an animal.


And the bike.

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Just had my 08 stock motor on the dyno 2 weeks ago. It was tuned using ECU Editor and after a few tweeks it made 187 hp and 107 ftlb of torque. I have a TiForce full exhaust(4-2-1-2) on pump gas ( 87 octane). My dyno guy keeps telling me to get a sidewinder and use MR12.
My Gen II has a couple of minor mods besides the exhaust - still nothing internal. Was running a PCV for fueling and had only used ECU Editor to shut off limiters, run the air shifter, raise the rev limit etc. Later I tuned IAP map and zeroed out the PCV under 10% throttle. Results were good and drivability was quite possibly improved (very subjective). I recently took the whole PCV out and went with the ECU Editor for tuning the Alpha-N operation of the map. Like everyone before me, I too am pleased to say it responds very well to changes.
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