Gen 2 Mode Switch Question.


Sorry if this is in the wrong area,
When I test rode my now purchased RL10 I tried pressing the mode Switch on the RH switch block and nothing happened.
Can someone explain how the system works please as if it had a fault I obviously need it rectified before I collect her.

Many thanks
Dr Rob.
When you start the beastie, she is in "A" mode by default. While the motor is running press and hold the selector button, up or down, doesn't matter. Hold it till the selection changes.
Yes, hold the button and look at the dash, it will show you on the right side what mode you are in. Once the mode selection is visible on the dash, one push of the button will change modes again.
what i love about the switch is that when riding 2 up i can use C mode for most of the ride until i need a quick overtake etc and a simple press down of the switch puts in in wife really appreciates the way C mode just rolls the power in smoothly.
As said about a 5 sec hold of either button brings up the A on the dash...once up the mode is displayed til the ignition is turned off