Gen 1 speedometer quit working

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Where should I start looking? The rest of the cluster works fine, well aside from the odometer, but that's nothing new.
Last 2 that i have seen have been a cluster problem, Wait and send it to Scott, at Blueguages
You might find that it's gunked up. Make sure the front sprocket area is clean :2cents:
Worst case scenario is you pay less than $200 on ebay for a used 1 with less miles than you had before :whistle:
So, my speedo sensor was a little dirty. The nut appears to be intact, but the area around my front sprocket looks like a greas pit. To access it better can I remove the assembly that the clutch is plumbed into without any "hassle"? It looks to me like 4 bolts and no fuss.

Thanks in advance.
It's the cluster, I have replaced more than a few and I have guages in stock if you need them, different mileages also..