Gear shift problem


Ok after throwing the chain i replaced the sprocket cover and the gearshift cover. After installing the parts the bike wont shift gears. I can downshift without ever hitting a bottom gear, but can't upshift. I'm wondering if i may have installed the gearshift arm/assemply incorrectly. If anyone has any technical advice on this area please give me some input, as i'ld hate to take it to the shop. Thanks.
Yikes Dezzy7 --> Have you completly removed the linkage and looked for deformaties? Either it's bent or you put something on backwards.

Anyone got the CD that can post the linkage assembly?

Had the linkage break on my '84 1000 Interceptor... That sucked, I was 50 miles from home. Had to "pick a gear" and ride the whole way home using the clutch.
Dezzy, somethings is diff. not assembled correctly. I don't have my manual handy or I'd walk you through it. This article might help explain whats happening, but not how to correct it. Motorcycle transmission
Hi Dezzy, dunno if this helps or if i'm allowed to do this but heres some pages from the '99-'00 manual.

I didn't disassemble the gearshift arm. i simply pulled it out and placed it in the new gear shift cover. But it still not catching and turning the gears... I'm wondering if the thrown chain may have done more damage than what i saw on the surface
Only other things i see in the manual are:

Complaint - Transmission will not shift
1 - Broken gearshift cam.
2 - Distoreed gearshift forks.
3 - Worn gearshift pawl.

Complaint - Transmission will not shift back
1 - Broken return spring on shift shaft.
2 - Rubbing or sticky shift shaft.
3 - distorted or worn gearshift forks.
I dont see anything else in the manual on this either. I was even trying to find the gear shift linkage set up which was not in there. Looks like Iced found all there is to know about this in the manual. Good luck.
I'm not an expert mechanic but do a little tinkering and I was glancing thru the manual and wondered about the clutch. How about the clutch release cylinder? Anyone else got thoughts on this?

Dezzy, there is a section in the manual regarding the clutch release cylinder if you want me to paste in?
Thanks ICe, but i've got the manaul on CD and am flipping through it. I saw the section on clutch release and am going back through it. If all else fails i'll drop it of by the shop.. I'm thinking perhaps I didn't bleed the clutch line well and there's not enough pressure to activate it. I'm thinking i will get a speed bleeder, and try that.

I couldn't remember the clutch lever being stiff or hard to pull in from the get go, so its tough to tell if i've got all the air out or just blowing bubble?
One of those seasons i guess

Possibly air in the line like you say. You should be able to bleed it sufficiently like it indicates in the manual. Hopefully it's as simple as that! Good luck, keep us posted
Got it all put together, but still had a gearshift problem. Finally had to take it to the shop :frown:. But hey the guys at the shop were cool as heck, I must have talked to them about 45 minutes. Bottom line was the gear shift shaft got bent when the chain was thrown. Not badly but just bad enough to cause the gearshift pawls to slip when you upshift. So I had to replace the gearshift assembly, $291. If its not one thing its another but hey the guys were cool enough to throw in a free oil change. And it seems like me and the mechanics are gonna turn out to be pretty good friends, they even stayed late to check the bike out and chat. They gave me a slew of ideas on getting the most out of the busa. Once i get a PC2 or 3 I'm gonna take it back and let them tune it for me. All in all it was worth the investment just to get together with some mechanics who I believe i can trust. Heck even the owners of the shop were cool and giving me tips on setting up the suspension. I'm pleased!!!

Oh by the way all the time i spent working on it before taking it to the shop taught me alot about the bike. I now feel more confident about handling the mechanical aspects of the bike. I think the mechanics were impressed with my limited knowledge. They said most people riding the bike don't know anything except how to put gas in it. So special kudos to HAYABUSA.ORG -the online Motorcycle institute for busa riders and owners !!