Gear catch delay on any gear


does anybody have a problem with delay in the gears catching. 1st to 2nd 2nd to 3rd and so on, but it catches on it's own within seconds. Help!!!
Do you mean that you shift with your toe, but the transmission doesn't put the change into effect for a second or two?

Nope. I've never had that. And I don't think that is normal at all. A missed gear once in a while does happen to the best of us -- a false neutral. But what you are describing doesn't sound good to me.
Sounds like worn out clutch plates / other clutch parts and the clutch is about to go out. Usually caused by riding/sliping the clutch waaay too much or racing. Never had it on a bike, but sounds exactly like when a throwout bearing was going in a car, but that was a dry clutch situation (busa is wet). Still, I think its the clutch is worn out.
I have this happen occasionally and my bike has less than 5k on it. I believe the reason this happens is due to the back slip clutch. Every once in a while if I get into a wierd shift pattern and let the clutch out and it spins up at the wrong time, it takes a second or two to engage properly. You can actually hear it kind of slapping around in there. I definitely do not think it is a problem, and you will find that as you get used to shifting this bike, it won't happen much if at all.

Another thing that happens that is similar is that you hit a false neutral and when you roll on and off the throttle it catches and goes into gear. That will take a second or two as well. It'll do this in 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4. Above that the space between gears is larger and it just stays in the false nuetral until you forcably shift it into gear.