front straps and GPR stabilizer


Hey guys, just getting in from installing some new goodies on the busa.

Vortex 16 tooth front sprocket
brocks ultra light clutch mod
brocks clutch lever adjuster
brocks 3 hole lowering links
brocks front strap and end kit
ebc front brake pads

a couple weeks ago I installed a GPR top mount steering stabilizer.

My problem is this...The stabilizer sits right where it seems the strap wants to go, causing the strap to fold between the stabilizer and the steering head.
Has anyone had this problem?

Also the other end of the strap( not the buckle end) , I had to use two 3/8 washers to space out the end so it wouldsit flush on the caliper this normal?

Id appriciate some feedback. I'll post pics tommorrow morning.
P.S the bike looks awsome all slammed down, can't wait to go drag racing this weekend!
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Not a fan of the straps myself bro. Just not trusting thread. I believe they are strong but you never know. I just lowered mine with the riser bars. I got them off ebay two years ago. They raised the bars as well as allowed me to drop the front end. These are an inch and a half.


I trust the thread ok, just never liked the feel of straps...I like to have a little suspension and also they make the steering tight.

Can you run the strap under the GPR arm but over your tank and neck~?~
Straps are ONLY for WHEN at the drag trac or for photo shoots NOT street ride with it strapped down!!!!!!! It is NOT a safe way to lower the bike for mean of riding.