Gpr V4s Stabilizer With Brock's Triple Tree???


I have a 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa with a Brock's Performance Triple Tree.
I am interested in purchasing a GPR V4s stabilizer.
I would like to know if any one has the GPR V4s Stabilizer on a gen 2 hayabusa with Brock's performance Triple tree.
Any one knows if the GPR Stabilizer will fit on the Brock's triple tree?
There's a part of the Brock's triple tree thats recessed right around the same area where the GPR stabilizer is mounted. I'm wondering if that may cause fitment issues as the top of the Brock's Triple Tree is not entirely flat like a stock Triple Tree.


Why not theGPR?

I've never owned 1 so I can't speak from personal experience but I've read on several forums that people were having issues with them leaking. Not sure which model etc. ?

But I know I own an Ohlins and it has never given me an issue. Guys that race on a track or down a drag strip 9 times outta 10 are either running Scotts or Ohlins.