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any updates?
Julia's funeral was Sunday. I finally heard back from Robert today. I asked him for the name of the burn camp that Julia supported, or for info on a more appropriate use of the money collected. Here is his response:

Hi Greg,

I'm sorry for not getting back to you. I must have totally forgotten. Actually the donations for the funeral were really low and we are not sure if there is any kind of life insurance for her son Jason. Therefore I think the best would be if Jason could use your donations for the funeral expenses.

If you agree with that, send it to Julia Sit, # 1 1722 4 th Ave West, Vancouver BC. That way it goes in her estate or make the cheque payable to Jason Sit.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you guys ever come up here to BC, please let me know that we can meet up with you.

Thanks again for your support

Best regards


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Captain had suggested sending the money to me, but I would prefer that it just be sent directly to the Sit family. Or if there are other ides, that is fine as well.



Oh this just sucks.. I tried to meet Julia last year around this time and swung by her restaurant.. They closed about 10 minutes before I got there.. crap.. I am sorry to hear this news.
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