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Not sure how to put this, but I just recieved the following message regarding Julia:

Dear Friends,

It is with much sorrow that I am writing today to inform you that Julia was taken from us suddenly in a motorcycle accident on July 10, 2005.

Julia and I were so much in love, and this coming August 6th we had planned to share our commitment to each other with you. Julia was very excited about the upcoming wedding and was looking forward to seeing you all on our special day.

I cannot tell you how sad I am that this day will never pass.

Thank you all for your kindness and understanding.

Please keep Julia in your thoughts like I will always keep her in my heart.

Love forever and always

Details about the funeral will be posted at soon

Many will recall that about a year ago, Julia lost her boyfriend Bog (another Busa rider). Well somehow she found happiness again and was due to get married. Now she has apparently been taken from us exactly two years after that awesome 2003 Laguna trip that we all took.

Julia and her Flying Swan Cafe were the center of the motorcycle community in Vancouver BC. It is indeed a sad day for us all.

If anyone knows how to get to her friends and family please pass on my condolences. Julia you will be missed. RIP

Dont know what else to say...

Just damn...

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No no no no...that's unreal...

I don't know what to say...
I saw her around here just a couple of weeks back...

My heart goes out to her family and friends...just unbelievable...
I just verified that this information is correct. Julia is gone. Here is a photo of Julia and Bog. This is just crazy!

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Yeah Greg.  I just checked out her site, and it's heart just sank when I saw what you posted...I remember reading up on Bog when he passed away, and talked to her online...just so sad to see her go through so much in the last year when she lost him, then to get her life back she's gone...

Very sad news...

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sorry didnt see this post I posted too so sad...

I am shocked, chilled and teary as I write this. Julia apparently died on Sunday in a motorcycle crash. I just got an email from her fiance' who must be mailing everyone on her email address book. I just spoke with her by phone a week ago about missing Laguna this year and her plans to marry one of her ex-boyfriend ( Bog ) best buddy's and they were all set to tour on bikes in Europe this summer. Bogden as some of you may remember passed away on his Busa 1 year ago. He was a great guy and very good rider. He rode to Laguna with the large group from the northwest in 2003 and I had the pleasure of meeting both he and Julia.

Again so sad ...   Aloha Julia.
Flying Swan

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I pinned this topic.  
 Here is the group ride from two years ago when I had the pleasure to meet Julia and Bog.  Two great people that will be dearly missed.

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this is a bit shocking.. she was the nicest, most upbeat person even when Bog was ridin her about stuff. big loss.

i'd like to know what happened.
Any idea what happened? All I see is that it was a low speed incident. It's just so damn sad...I can't get over it...
Greg, thanks for the call... I just can't believe it.. I am totally speechless... Julia was an awesome advocate for motorcycle riding and it was difficult to absorb when Bog was killled and year ago... And now Julia... I'm so sad, I really can't say much else but RIP Julia, you will be missed....

While I never had the pleasure of meeting Julia, I know some who did and I felt I knew her somewhat from her posts here and elsewhere.  My prayers and good thoughts go out to all of her friends and family at this tragic time.  Godspeed Julia, you will be missed by many.