Flying Swan

Wow. I didn't know her, but just from reading the posts and the article I am teary eyed. This is so sad...just so sad...
Very sad news about Julia.

It's never easy to loose someone. Now she can be with Bog, riding their Busa's where the sun never sets, and the riding is always perfect.

My prayers go out to her family and friends.

WOW, this is a very sad story to read. I never got the chance to meet her in person but did speak to her a few times through here. Unreal, and just when things were on the mend too. RIP Julia and prayers out to your family as well. God's plans for some folks sure seems to be strange lately.
Never got to meet Julia. Sounds like she was a awesome lady. RIP

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I did not know julia personally only taked to her breifly once about going to sturgis which of course this was before Bog's passing
I never got to meet her but i did great support what she was doing i thought it was great and have tried to do some thing similar around my area but very hard to do and not many wana listen.

My depest condolences and sympathies go out to her friend and Family The Board and the area have lost a great individual in the motorcycle commmunity and in any comminity as far as that goes

Just aint fair sometimes

Such a sad, tragic loss to the group and the bike community. Julia, from all accounts, is well liked, respected and held in high esteem. Julia, you'll be sorely missed

RIP and our prayers go out to you and the loved ones you left behind.
I didn't know her but I'm deeply touched by the outpouring.

Very tragic. I hope she passed away doing something she loved doing.

Thats terrible. . I never met her or whatever but you could tell from her (few) posts, and looking at her website that she was a die hard biker... especially considering her B/F was killed on one.. Plus she seemed to be a very genuine person.

After reading the article it doesn't make any sense what happened.. like she just locked up and went straight into the ditch or whatever.. odd.

anyway.. still sucks regardless of the details.
So sorry to hear this very sad news. I wish I had the opportunity to meet her. Life is so precious! You just never know when it is your time..... so hug your loved ones and don't forget to tell them how much you love them EVERYDAY!!! Makes me very teary to think of the grief that she went through such a short time ago with the loss of her love, Bog. And then to find happiness again just to be stolen away so quickly!!! RIP!
Very sad news.. May she R.I.P.

My condolences to her family and all the members here that crossed paths with her in life...
sad news,,,, my prayer is that the family finds peace and comfort during this tragic time. Looks like she was a great person and a trooper for the motorcycle community.

This is a very bad loss, I know she will be missed.
DAMN!! DAMN!! DAMN!! I'm one of the chosen few who had a chance to meet Julia in person. She always left a lasting impression on me because I can remember her commenting on how tall I was compared to how short she was. I met her and Bog at Laguna in '03 and this info really saddens me
My most heart-felt prayers go out to her family and many friends. You will be dearly missed Julia...
OK so I got the message that the family does not want flowers. There has been several request to organize a movement to collect money for the family to use for funeral expenses or whatever they need with the proceeds. I have set up a paypal account at just for this cause. I figure we can keep this going for a week or so and then turn it over to the family.

 I am going to ask one favor and that is that Thinker62 (Greg) take the money collected and make sure it gets to the right people.

 If you want to send in money then just send paypal to and I will collect the funds.

 It's situations like this that make this website different than most......

I would be happy to make sure the money gets to the right people. Just let me know what you want to do.

I am still in shock over this. Yesterday was a bad day.
Thanks Greg, for taking the reigns with the money...

I know everyone that met her or even just talked to her on here knows what a loss this has been...she was on my mind all night long...
I never met Julia, but I've been reading through all the links and stories, and I can say the she will be missed by everyone. My condolences to her family and to all of you that had the pleasure of knowing her.
I am at a loss for words for one I don't like to visit this forum superstitious I guess.I had no idea about Bog and now Julia.
They were two very nice people.
Julia was very special and its a true loss to all.
RIP and God Bless.