Remembering flying swan


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Well, The Swan would have been 37 today -

also, 4 other members are celebrating their birthday today
PACIFICBUSA (7) >crazyace289 (35) >AlbanianEagle (31) >oicu81two (47)


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R.I.P. Julia,Bog,and Julia'a second husband.

Killed in bike crashes in Vancouver B.C.


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R.I.P. Julia,Bog,and Julia'a second husband.

Killed in bike crashes in Vancouver B.C.
*sigh* and you were just about smoked...

My Buddy Randy just a few weeks ago...

Buddies in Florida...

Tell ya, makes me wonder sometimes about getting back on the bike... Honestly.

I'm going to go kick a poodle or something...


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unfortunately, I never knew her, but she sounds like she was a great person. R.I.P. Flying Swan.


Happy Birthday
PACIFICBUSA (7) >crazyace289 (35) >AlbanianEagle (31) >oicu81two (47)


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RIP Flying Swan!
Happy birthday everyone and it's amazing that Pac is only 7! He looks a lot older.


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I wish I would have known Julia. It sounds like she was a spectacular person.

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