Flying Swan

I hope you guys don't mind if I post pix with her and her bike.
In loving memory.

Like a lot you you I met Bog and Julia at Laguna in 2003. We had a very nice conversation on Cannery Row that year. I am so saddened to hear that she is no longer with us. May she and Bog rest in eternal peace.


First Bog then Julia....  its just crazy!  

Plus Mr. Wiedemann, I don't know him, first loses one his buddies(Bog) then loses his fiance(Julia)...

My thougths are with the family and friends.

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I am soo lost with this news....

RIP Julia, You will be missed

My prayers go out to her family
<span style='color:purple'>When I first started riding in Vancouver, it was Julia who introduced me to other riders and the motorcycle scene. She's such an icon. Not a day goes by that I don't miss her.

Deepest condolences to Robert, Harreson, Jason, and the Sit family.

Ride on, sweet angel.</span>
I am just numb from all of these rider deaths. A local, Busa rider I knew, died on his Busa last month, a fellow rider died on his new G1k last Tuesday, and a guy I hadn't really met yet died yesterday on a ride I bowed out on at the last minute.

Those deaths where all from passing on blind turns and meeting huge trucks head-on, but losing your life just going in a ditch is going to have me re-evaulating my riding.

RIP to Julia and all other's in the past.
Sorry I missed this before since I forgot about this section on the site...thanks RidersNation for letting me know.

Still in shock...

May she be resting in God's hands and may God give her family strength...
The article said Julia's funeral is today, wish I could be there to pay last respects.
When I see someone that young die, it makes me so very sad.
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