Flame Job


How many of you would want flames painted on their bike. It looks awesome, but I don't want it on mine. What do the members think?

Check this out from another thread.
Looks good. i might want it if 10 million other people didn't already have it. Getting flames is worse than stock...might as well have a Hardley.
No flames for me...If I change up it will be to a solid silver...
I almost hate to customize the bike too much, I would be afraid to ride it on the street. I know a lot of guys like their bikes to be show bikes, but at that point the bike is too nice to ride. I like to put 40 or 50 thousands miles on a bike, and a bike is definitely gonna get dinged if you put that kind of mileage on it.
I'm not a big "flame" fan. Give me something more original if I'm gonna spend the time and money for a custom paint job. But I can appreciate it on someone else's bike :-)
I've seen some great looking custom paint jobs but I like mine the way I bought it. Stock and clean.
Don't like flames myself, but that is a tastefully done paint job.

The flames look good on some bikes. I almost hate to say this but the "paint job flames on the new r1 looks good". (please don't hurt me)j/j