i need revolutions help! paint....


hey i have a brocks street meg system. i went down a while back and scuffed the very tip of the pipe. what i was thinking of doing was pulling the brocks logo off and doing a reverse flame in black. (so the polished stainless looks like its flaming down the pipe) also id like to use matched orange paint to airbrush around the flames to make them look like they are glowing and fading to black toward the back of the pipe.

anyhow i would like to know what type of paint i should use and where to get a matching black and orange for my 08 busa. i want to use it on the pipe for the black and orange. i know the black is not a true black, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. also what would you charge me to do this or would you recommend against it?

You are going to need 1200 degree paint, which will limit your options quite a bit. You may be able to get away with a 500 degree paint, but I wouldn't chance it.
just on the muffler...1200 degree huh.:eek3:

Brocks are shorties that come straight off the header. I've had my mid-pipes weld aluminum after a session on the track. I guess if you only cruse around town and pose with it, you can get away with regular paint.
oh well i guess ill just use flat black. it will still look good and cover up the scratches on the end of the pipe. ill just have to buff out the scratches. thanks guys.
Powdercoat it. Talk to Greg at HPC for info. He's done plenty of coated pipes.
im not sure, but i didnt even think of that. too bad its riding season and i dont want to be without a bike for that long. ill have to msg greg to see if he can do it and how much it will cost.