First flat


I'm outta here!!!!
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This morning I go into the garage and my bike has an unusual lean. My rear tire is completely flat.  DAMMM!!

I was planning on making my 1st oil change today (675miles).

As I see it now I will also be removing my rear what I figure is that this is the best reason i can come up with to go ahead and order the pit bull stands. That way i can remove the tire easier and also have more room to drain the oil.

What is anyones experience with patching tires as for safety or faith of keeping air? I have not found the leak yet. i reaired the tire a little while ago.

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never been there, but considering getting one of those small 12volt pumps and repair plugs for the bike.
I would only repair/plug a flat to get home. After that replace the tire with a new one. I wouldn't put my life on the line with a plugged tire.