First bike!!!!!!!!!! Should i

I am a solid 240 and had to heave like Heman (By the power of the Universe!) to get the thing upright after I laid mine down.
Wasn't it, "By the power of grayskull"
My brother drove me nuts watching that. Mom even made me take him to see the movie.

Didn't mean to change the subject, okay I did, but come on enough already.
Dude, if you want the Busa get the Busa. Just remember by not honing your skills on something smaller makes it really hard to enjoy a Busa to it's fullest. Good luck in whatever your decision.
As everybody else would say : Busa is a damn good bike but not as the first one!!

MSF course aside..My serious recommendation is you go for some 600 or 750 before you lean into the big league!!
I was looking at the GS500 for my wife...and now I want to get it for her just so I can ride it. That is one sharp bike. Looks way better than a Kat and seems to be more performance oriented. It's no slouch, it's a pretty peppy bike. No Busa...but an excellent bike for beginners.
lot of bike! use your head and not ego or hormones to ride her not going to say yes or no You're going to do what you want but be safe not a statistic.

The busa is not a smart first bike. Have other people made it thiers?
Does that change the fact?

You have not owned a bike previously. Yea, maybe youv'e ridden your friends machines, but that isn't enough.

"I think I ride safe" of course you have, it wasnt your bike!

Experienced riders are awed at the power of the busa. It is just too much for a newbie. Nothing against you pal, I've seen it too many times.

Listen to the board. SV650, great choice. Any of the current crop of 600cc sportbikes will scare the shid outa you. have you ever been to 160mph in anything? Todays 600's will do that.

Your size plays an important role now as a new rider, but after you have some experience, no big deal. My little bro weighs 135 soakin' wet, and can ride the wheels off anything.

But he's been riding for 23yrs.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, don't skimp on the gear.

Good luck
It is not a good idea to get a Busa as a first bike. They are too much for some experienced riders to handle, it would not be wise to steepen the learning curve. As I have told others who asked this question, you'rer gonna do what you want, but I strongly suggest that you learn how to ride on something less powerful. You're a pretty small guy, a 02/03 CBR, R6, ZX-6 GSXR-6 etc would still be enough to be fun, but a little more sensible as a first choice.
hEY Mr. Brown, I got my screen name after this I know what ya all mean about the flick next Friday, no way bros...but funny $hit anyway, that movie was a kick. I can take a joke as much as the next mo fo.

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I always loved the Busa but knew that i wanted to get more expierence before i stepped up to one.. First bike was a 92 GSXR1100  heavy beast but none the least it didnt hurt too much when i dropped it..  second bike was a SV1000s .. great bike imo.. it set me up for the Busa..  but its your choice.. just think if its the bike you have always loved.. wouldnt it hurt more if it was dropped. closed, link removed closed, link removed

riding on dirt also helps.. dirtbike/quads.. and really good fun.. closed, link removed
iT would make me cry if I dropped that dual piped Vtwin sweetness, shid. To me, that SV has to be the best value in sport biking today.

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AZTEC.. and did i mention the sweetness of the V-Twin sound .. ohh how i miss it.. maybe i should pick one up again.. and have the best of both worlds.. hehe
although it is officially my first bike to own, i've been riding off and on since i was 4 years old.....raced motorcross until i was 18 and have ridden a few different bikes since then(i'm 35 now).....i'm 5'9" and 170 and so far (two and a half weeks) i've not even had a bobble.....if this truly is your first time to ride it might be a good idea to "train" on something a little more tame....she is a beast! GOOD LUCK.
Ultimately it's going to come down the amount of respect on the throttle. I never recommend any thing over 600cc for a first bike, because they are more forgiving (even today's 600 sportbikes are monsters though). However, as long as you ride within you limits and not your buddies you should be okay. Happy hunting.
Heck I will throw my toy in the bunch, its listed under classifieds.  Dry wieght 383 lbs.  Very quick, will be getting it dynoed wed just to see what she will do.  Figure it will help sell it this weekend at the track here in El Paso.

I taught my how to ride on my 9R and she loved it.  She did not want to keep the R1 for her, she thinks it was way too powerfull for her.

If you are looking for recommendations, are new to the Street World and have not spent much time on a high performance street bike, start with something other than a Busa. Your dirt experience will pay off transitioning on a smaller lighter bike, won’t feel so odd.

About the time that you take an MSF Experienced Rider Course is when you should be ready for a Busa.

You will see people on here who will tell you that, in essence, they gambled and beat the odds, and that is every persons right. But not necessarily very smart. Hell, I live in Vegas and would not play those odds….

For what it is worth....

And Welcome....
I started out on a 94 nighthawk 250(dont bother you will outgrow it in a month,)then a Gsxr 600(totaled)then another Gsxr 600(sold),R1,sporty 1200,road king 1450 and finally the busa.Great bike but I would not enjoy it half as much if it was my first bike...........this bike is downright scary!!!!!
New to this Board so might as well give my opinion . Bike is only as fast as the right hand lets it .But with any bike 250 or 1300 its all about respect and knowing the fact that it can kill you at any second. And you have to watch out for every one else out there as much as what you are riding.