Finally did it!


Looks good! :thumbsup:

You should be knocking on the 8's with that setup. Looking forward to you getting back out to the track..

What's your brother got planned? I see a Turbo on his bike in the pics... :laugh:

I'll PM you my address.. ;)

I'm not sure if I'm going or not but if you have any questions or need any help don't be affraid to ask. :beerchug:

As of now, he is just running totally stock everything, just throwing on a turbo and prob gonna run around 5 lb. of boost. Should make for an interesting ride on swb. I told him he needed to stretch it or he's losing a lot at the drag strip, but he don't want to spend the money. He'll let me race it though if we get to hit up Beeville in the future.

As far as me knocking on 8's door, it will be interesting to see what happens. Our altitude usually sucks pretty bad around here. Best track around here is Caprock Dragway, and it's 2700 ft. or so. No trees or anything to speak of though. But the last time I was there, on swb I botched my 60 ft and ran a 9.89 @ 141. I think I had a 1.71 60 ft on that pass and don't recall my 330'. The next pass I pulled a 1.63 60 ft. but my airshifter didn't shift out of third so that was a blown pass. Anyhow... I have no idea what kind of times I'm going to come up with. I'm planning on going to Hobbs (3700 ft. elev) on the 19th of this month for a TNT. Should be fun! Hopefully the new spring/revalve, and power one tire do their job. Everyone I know who is stretched constantly complain about spinning.
That should be fun! :thumbsup:

Bring your bike down to Houston or San Antonio to a better elevation. You should be mid-8's with good weather and launch... :beerchug: