Fellow Hayabusa Owners


Hey Guys,
 I'm looking to see how many Hayabusa owners I can get to go on a ride with me to Santa Cruz some time in the end of March or early April.  I'm not going to pick a date until I see how many people are interested.

 I'm not sure exactly how many busa's we have here in the bay area of California.  Obviously, any and all motorcycles would be more than welcome to join the ride, but I can't imagine anything more beautiful than a fleet full of Hayabusa's going through Hwy. 17 on their way to down town Santa Cruz!  

 Just post a reply to this topic if you're interested in cruising down there with me in the end of March or early April.  I figure we'll meet up in the east bay, along highway 880, maybe around Union City somewhere and go from there.
I'll be coming from San Diego.
How far away are you and where will we meet.