Fast Lane motorsports HP shootout.


Orange is the fastest
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I won the NA unlimited class.

I remembered that Fast Lane's motorsports in Chantilly, Va was having a show/HP dyno shootout and decided to roll up and check it out. Some nice bikes up there and some loud ass bikes on the dyno as well. I assumed there would be more powerful bikes up there but figured what the heck, i also wanted to see how my PC3 mapping was doing. I was the second to last to dyno. They did mine and found my current mapping to be on the lean side. Then my clutch took a crap. My Bus will pull the dyno to 7500-8500rpm then start leveling out from the clutch slipping. My first pull was my best at 180.22HP since that was the only run the clutch held for. Well, i beat out another Busa there by 4hp which was good enough to win the naturally aspirated division. I was blown away, never figuring i would be winning anything. I recieved a trophy but had to leave it there since i didn't have anyway to take it with me.

What a surprize today was. That clutch by the way is my stock 04' unit. It was fine until the 1397. I knew it wouldn't last too long.
Clutches have a way of ruining a good day.  
 Hopefully you get that 11hp back.