Factory TEKA Suzuki fuel injection box


I am considering the Power Commander 2 or the TEKA SFI ECU reprogrammer. TEKA info looks promising and is not an add-on box like the PC2. It uses no maps and doesn't modify sensor signals. You plug it in and start the engine. The unit changes the ECU real time, even while riding it. Then you completely remove it when done. The ECU holds the programming. No laptop or serial cable needed. Draw back is that it costs about $600 vs $260 for the PC2. Benefit is that you can reprogram any Suzuki fuel injected bike with one unit. And you can do it as many times as you want. The owner of Factory said the unit has more accuracy and more programmable RPM ranges than the other units too.

SO is this really that good or am I falling for hype? HELP PLEASE?
im kinda curious on this too cause my mechanic said the tekka box is alot better to use also, but the down side is hes charging $360 to tune it and hes gonna be riding my bike around for a half a day. I think im just gonna go with the PC2. in the long run its a hell of alot cheaper unless you know how to tune with the tekka box and you have $600 to spend. On the other hand, it has gotten great reviews from the track racers that use them here