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I wanted to preface this post with the following...This post represents my opinion of the subject company.

Buyer beware of this shipping company based in Ohio. Express Auto Transports has some shady business practices. I will never use them for anything again.

I definitely would not recommend them to anyone on the board.

If you must ship something (such as your motorcycle) there are tons of reputable companies, just shy away from this one.



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I contracted them to ship my motorcycle (Sept 13).  They scheduled it to be picked up a week later on 9/20.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  My scheduled day came and went and I never heard anything from Express Auto.  

I contacted them on 9/21 and asked them what was happening with my shipment.  They sounded surprised that my bike had not been picked up.  They told me they’d call me back.  They called me back and told me that the carrier was full and so my bike wasn’t picked up.  I’m thinking to myself….Geez, good thing I called or they still wouldn’t know that they weren’t following through.  I guess I’m not getting my bike by the weekend…

They told me that they would do their best to reschedule my pickup ASAP.  I’m thinking okay, the first time didn’t take very long, this won’t be too bad.  They called me on 9/22 to let me know that my bike wouldn’t be picked up until 9/29 with a delivery of 10/2 (a Monday).  What!?!  

I called them and told them that the last big motorcycle rally of the year was on 10/1 and I didn’t want to miss that.  They told me that they could undispatch that pickup and try for another one but they couldn’t guarantee a date sooner.  So basically I could play the lottery and wish upon a star that someone else could do a better job.    

I ended up driving a total of 1,600 miles to pick the bike up myself.  This allowed me to have my bike for the rally and not miss out on one of the few weekends left before the weather turns bad.

Express Auto Transport is charging me $100 for cancelling their services.  This is attributed to their interpretation of their contract with me.  This really is an interpretation issue as what they have in writing is not very clear.  I believe that most consumers would not interpret their contract the way they do.

Long story, short….It cost me an extra $100 to wait two weeks to have to drive 1,600 miles and pick the bike up myself.  The good thing is that even with the extra $100 charge and an overnight stay in Memphis (Beale street is awesome!!!), I still saved money over having them do it.

Even shorter version....
I would not recommend this company to anyone.


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I'd press for the $100 refund. You contracted for the 9/20 pick up. When they failed to show that should have changed the rules somewhat. It is not like you canceled first. In the long run, you might have saved dealing with damage on the bike as well.


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If you paid by credit cars dispute it with the CC company. They breached teh contract by missing the original pickup. Period. They cancelled their own contract. If anything YOU are entitled to the $100 for THEIR failure to honor their contract. Luckily when you dispute the charges it will cost them and extra $35 as that is what Visa charges for disputed charges. Inform Visa they were contracted tp pickup on the 21st and never did. Get your money back!!! They didn't earn it so why are you paying them to screw you? IF you like giving money to people that do absolutely nothing but lie to you..... You are a very handsome man with the biggest Hoo Hoo I've ever seen!!!
Send me my $100!!!


Actually, I'd have to say that somewhere in the contract it says that they have no control over pick-up dates being met.
My sister is in the moving business and the simple crapy thing about it is that they have to rely on third party drivers to take on the contracts. She's constantly on the phone on her days off trying to get things 'fixed' because a driver decided that he didn't want to pick up a load, or the loading crew decided not to show up so the driver was twiddling his fingers trying to figure out how to load an entire house worth of goods onto his truck plus crate up a Harley and get it into his truck with a forklift he didn't have. It happens constantly, which is sad, but it's a common in the industry.

Edit: On that note though, they should of been able to fix it that day. If somebody didn't pick-up, they could have and should of gotten somebody out there immidiatly to do it. If my sister can pull it off, that person could of. It's merely a matter of paying another driver more to make a special run to your house. Obviously they didn't want to out the extra money to correct the problem.


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The charge is in dispute.

Express Auto will make a deal with you and then some time later send out their Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). Their T&Cs do say that they can't guarantee a delivery but it never says anything about not guaranteeing a pickup time. Sending out T&Cs after the fact does not equal a meeting of the minds.

Beyond that, according to the laws of the state of Ohio, where their business is located, they are required to have you sign any contract or provision of a contract for it to be enforceable. That did not happen and they are still trying to act as though it did. It's guilty until proven innocent with them.

After reading through the Epinions on them I realized that I should have done more research. If I had, I wouldn't have dealt with this company. I just wanted to make sure that the members of this board don't make that same mistake...

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