escort radar problem

ok, so i got my escort hard wired to the battery. works fine, the only problem i am having is with the low volume of the unit. there is an earphone jack that accepts a 3.5 mm plug but none seem to work. got one at walmart and best buy and still no sound thru the ear plug. anybody know why?
i was also looking for the home made HARD unit that someone here had made. looked pretty cool and worked well. any details on that would be greatly appreciated.


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evet get an update on this?
When I got mine ....the cigarrette adapter seemed to work fine....then when I got my hardwire kit....the volume dropped terribly.

mine is in my truck...but the symptom sounded similar.

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Make sure you use a mono earphone plug. If you use a stereo it will damage the female plug on the detector and you will have to send it in for replacement.


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I use a Beltronics STi with an earpiece i got at the same time from and it works fine.. i'm hardwired straight from the battery too.

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Just to re-interate, If you have used a stereo plug it may be the culprit. A friend of mine has the wireless Passport. He used a strereo jack for a little while and then the volume quite working with or without the jack being used. The stereo plug had broken or depressed a tang inside the earphone jack. The unit mutes the ouside speaker when it has positive contact inside the jack.

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