Enjoy the rain?


Yesterday, 'Hurricane' Ernesto edged his way along my neck of the swampland. I live right on the eastern coast of Florida (I can see the ocean from the front of my shop..). We didn't get hit that hard, but it did give me a chance to ride in the rain all day.

But that brings up a question... who else LIKES riding in the rain?
I don't mind riding in the rain. Unless it is impossible to see. I need a windshield wiper on my helmet.
hate it
Ummmm! Not me
but if I'm already out riding and going somewhere I deal with it, but normally I won't head out if it's raining I'll wait it out. And right now it started raining here yesterday and looks like we'll get it for the rest of the week (thanks to ernesto)and we are headinig to the mountains for a Labor day weekend camping trip on saturday, on the bikes of course...
Its not bad if I'm prepared with my gear.

I use rain-x on my visor, works like a charm!!!

<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>Rain Sucks !</span>
I'm in Miami so Ernie paid me a visit as well. I thought about riding in the rain ... then I looked outside and changed my mind
. I'm just glad our power stayed on. Last year I had no power for 3 weeks as a result of Hurricane Wilma.
Rain??? man its been so long I forgot what it looks like.



I hate it, I'm anal about my bike and it being clean, and I hate it getting wet.

I'm in central and I washed my bike last evening and tucked it away in the garage...drizzled at lunch, just enough to dirty it up again  

Frikken rainforest state....


Why oh why do I live here

10 day weather link, see what I mean

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I've got caught in the rain twice today. I don't mind it as long as there's not lightning. Did you hear about the rider who was struke while ride'n? Killed him dead on the bike.
Rain is just an abbreviation for Florida's Liquid Sunshine! Rain has never stopped me from taking a ride when I really want to ride. Been known to show up on a bike in the rain lookin' for takers. It's good practice and during the summer it keeps the heat out of the picture. Rain gear is only for rides over 2 hours in duration. Then again, I've never been accused of being normal...
Came through Virginia today. Some wind (25-30mph), moderate constant rain, but no big deal here. Still raining at 730pm - hope it pushes out by tomorrow morning!
Some of my most memorable rides have been rain rides. If you live up here in the great northwest you either learn to ride in the rain or you dont ride! Proper gear, good tires and your set! One of the best thngs I could suggest for rain riding is electric gear. E-vest, grip heaters etc pay huge dividends in comfort when things aint warm and sunny.