EK 3d 530 chain!

Decided it was time for new sprockets and chain. 15k not high but they started to look worn so off they went. Was gonna go ZZZ but then saw this 3d chain from EK that came out recently. Wow! What a chain! Supple, transfers powers effortlessly. Reduced the engine vibration considerably. Bling factor is high with a polished gold links. Bike feels amazing on it. I'm in love ::laugh:
Here you go! The shine level can definitely go higher. I got too much grease on mine, still breaking her in hehehe. Want durability? How does 11,400 lbs tensile sound to ya :). So difficult getting info on the chain since its all in Japanese lol. Trust me once u get this chain u wont go back. So supple! I never realized how much vibration the chain can cause.


Just received that same chain in the mail today... VERY GLAD to hear some good feedback!! can't wait to get it on with the new Vortex sprockets...

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