Need a new chain --ZZZ 530 discontinued ?


Mythos sorry with the eagles in the super bowl I didn't see my parents last weekend. Going to see them this weekend looks like the chain is alittle over 16 inches. Had my mom snap a photo.



WOW--COOL. 24 pins!!! That will proide a very good comparison. Thanks for keeping up on this. I'll keep watch for the weight. Do include the pin sticking out when you weigh...and o-rings if you have them. otherwise we'll add a few grams for 2 o-rings.


So the chain you had was 80.74oz or 2288.94g /118 pins = 19.3977g per pin.

Ek3d 530g / 24pins = 22.0833g per pin. 2605.83g for 118pins.

316.8933g or 11.178 oz difference over full length of chain. So up to discussion if the weight of the grease or lube that's on either chain would be enough of a difference correctly determine what one is heavier. Not sure why the company would say one that is actually heavier is a lighter chain. But who knows company's don't always tell truth and need to sell products.

Just looked at picture and the chain you had weight 5lbs 11.9oz on the scale which is 2605.321 grams so pretty on par with 3D averasged out to 118 pins at 2605.83g.


My math (same's yours).

New EK ZZZ, 118 pin: 5 lb, 11.9 oz = 91.9 oz = 2605.3 g divided by 118 = 22.0788 g/pin
times 118 = 2605.3 total weight of 118 pin chain.

New EK 3D, 24 pin: 530 g divided by 24 = 22.0833 g/pin
times 118 = 2605.83 total weight of 118 pin chain.

Difference: .5333 g

One half of a gram is definitely negligible. Could easily be due to one chain having more or less lube. Mine was also freshly removed from the wrapper. It had some kind of waxy crap on it that flaked off and was a lot messier than chain lube.

I'd call them even in the weight dept. The 3D looks nicer and if it's stronger, that's the one to go with. I will order a black 3D for my new chain.

Thank you 04LE. I'm keeping a link to this topic in my files.:beerchug:

Jake whitebird

So being that the zvx3 is what to go with, do they make it in a black? I’ve had chrome on, 138 pins since I put the extensions on. I don’t care for the silver and don’t see a 3D in black/chrome. I’m really not a gold fan. Any help?


I have the 3D. Highly recommend. It's buttery smooth. It's a low friction chain. Frees up around 2%hp. My favorite chain.


I finally bought an EK Z3D. 120 pins and I have not cut it to fit yet. I have only the old 118 pin ZZZ to compare it to but after weighing the new Z3D and doing some math, I can pretty much guaranty you all it is a tad heavier than the old ZZZ. Less than ounce difference for 118 pins but still heavier. I will show pics asap.

My question now is, how would I get ahold of the threaded pins with riveting nuts?? My Z3D came with the master link that requires a riveting tool and I think I overtightened the rivet on my last chain. I'd like to try the screw type master link if anyone knows where I can get a Z3D 530 pitch.


Hate to sound like a broken record but came across this for the ZVX3. Apparently they do not make one to fit my Z3D. If the inner plates are the same width on the ZVX3 and the Z3D, this ought to fit either one. I asked that on "Reviews and Questions" of this ad.


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