Ebay scammers


Even a caveman can do it.
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I've had my 70' C10 forsale 2-3 times now on Ebay. Well, my girlfriend has bid a time or two when the bidding would stall at a certain amount. I went on her "My ebay" section to check on a part she was bidding on and noticed a second chance offer being given to her, FOR MY TRUCK!
I responded back through one of my Yahoo accounts. I hope to meet up with the fellow with a few of my friends.
"Paul smash!" will be the only thing going through my mind at our encounter.

Damn scammers. I hope they get theirs on the day of judgement.


veni vidi vici
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if you get to meet mr.scammer teach him or they a nice lesson on internet equitie's.
they just dont know how bad they messed up on this one.

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