I was reading Own'e post and was reminded of a thread that I believe got erased some time back, and thought I would erect it again.

Have you ever gotten that sensation that you shouldn't ride today or that it was time to head back in even though the day was gorgeous and it was still early? What was your experience and what are the signs that will make you hop off the seat and put the bike back in the garage?

Personally I've learned to depend on that 6th sense.



I agree with ya Dezzy. riding is very psychological, and if you have a voice in the back of your head saying "you shouldnt be out riding today" you better go home and park it

That has only happened to me 2 or 3 times, but trust me, I felt alot better that I listened to my concious and stayed home. Better safe than sorry. You never know why you're being told to stay in, but you better listen



The only time that comes to mind is one day I was going to work. I was half way to the garage when I at the last minute I put the helmet down and grabbed the car keys instead. I was on the highway for all of about five minutes when the car in front of me ran over a piece of plastic tarp. I went right up and over my truck. That would have really sucked on a bike.


I never had the feeling, but my wife did. She told me not to ride but i didn't listen. 20 minutes later my bike was toast, and my back was broke. These days I listen to her.


Not only has this happened when I was riding but its happened a couple of times while I was flying(navy).

Its like hey "lets nock it off and head back".

I call it spidey senses. trust them, I'm still alive today because angels talk.



I have days when I just don't feel right, so I don't push it very hard. I just take it easy in the turns and catch up on the staights.
Sometimes riders feel the pressure to keep up, but I tell my friends if you don't feel comfortable we will wait for you at the next stop. Live to ride another day!


Yes, I have, and I DO NOT IGNORE IT!!!!

I usually follow my feelings. When I don't, I have had things happen that do not meet with my liking.

My first instinct is usually correct.

Big E

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Yes I do and I stick with them. Good example. Hanging out at the local bike night. Group of buddies decide they want to head out for a ride. I decide to fall back, I just wasnt feeling it. Long story short, they all came back mad as ####. 8 riders went out and each came back with 2 tickets each.

Max Speed

I have had only a few days when I did feel out of tune over the past 30 years.  I got on the bike and after a short distance I could tell I was up to par. I just kept the speed down because I knew I had no business like that going fast and pushing it.  My  wife is smart she will park it if she does not feel up to par.  shes had about 4 or 5 days like that over her  5 or 6 years she has been riding on her own.  To not pay attention to thoes feelings could lead to a very bad day I would think.

Big O

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Max...the red letters

I get that feeling sometimes, but being stubborn about riding, I tell myself, BE CAREFUL, and go anyway. But then I'm half paranoid about the cars around me, and it's not a fun ride to work.

The day those incidents happened to me in the other post I was feeling really good about riding, beautiful day, felt good, sometimes that's when "Stuff" happens, when you're least expecting it.


Had the same feeling a couple of times. When it happens, we're always going out to ride curves. Usually running as hard as we all can run. It's basically a 100 mile race to see who can finish first. Of course we stop here and there but it's you know what to the wall.

I have turned around a few times, just because "I wasn't feeling it". I have had friends turn around in the middle of the ride and go home as well. I always listen to my "gut" or guardian Angel or the Lord. Who or whatever is telling me not to ride.

Big Wall

Definately pay attention to that inner voice. I didn't listen once and kept going. To make a long story short, I hit some sand in a corner and went down separating my shoulder and scratching some plastic. I wished I would have listened after that.

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I am very tuned to my senses and when they say slow down I do and when they say go home I do. They have saved my life on more than one occasion.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

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yep red bike, red letters.... and from the poll there is only one other red rider in here.... what can I say I'm a non-conformist.....


Recently I didnt listen to that inner voice, both times i had an accident(In my truck)...I learned to listen. Didnt listen once on my harley tho, ran out of gas had to push it home, have you ever pushed a harley all the way home? Im sure many have LOL.


Listen to that voice!!! i didn't listen the last time i went out and came close to a near collision with another car. i guess i was to eager to ride.


It depends on what your experiece is about this feeling. Honestly, I see an ambulance on the freeway just about everytime I ride out at about 10pm on saturday night in about the same place all the time, right when i get on the feeder! I have gotten that feeling and I ride anyway. I do however take more caution because I expect something to happen. I sometimes feel like skipping my gym workout, but I go anyway and it is usually my best workout of the week! sometimes my brain says dont do a wheelie, and when I listen I usually see a cop afterwards, or I usually see one just as the front comes down. so if the brain says not to wheelie, I dont. but i WILL ride if the brain says no! what if the brain says dont go in the cage, dont go to work, dont drink the water, dont breath the air, dont go to sleep, dont talk to that chick, dude, dont walk under the ladder. now i dont mean just dont listen, be smart, but dont put your life on hold, I have faith in GOD when my faith doubts myself, hence I ride! How many people have died when the brain says ride? Be more worried when you think all is ok, so you stay more grounded, i think its safer to ride when that something says no.


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I thought this might deserve a bit of a Bump.

I have done this many times over the years, and allmost every time I decide to sit it out and polish it instead, something messed up has happened to The others I would have been riding with. Not allways horrible but Tickets, dear, lowsides, hail. I pay very close attention to my little voice now. As I suit up and get ready if I "feel" or hear that little voice I stop dead in my tracks and clean my ride or mow the lawn or something instead.
When I really pay attention and go with the flow is when your out riding having a grand ole' time and you suddenly realize you are traveling 20-30 MPH slower than usual, maybe even 40-50MPH in a 65 zone. When this happens my spidey sense fires right up and I am on alert.

Case and point, a few years ago out in an open area of 287 in Colorado. Normally I am going 65-75 through this hilly section, but today I had noticed I was just poking along. I figured OK and just took it as it came. Well, as I was reaching midpoint going up this hill, right over the crest came a Subaru Impreza head on, I had time to whip it over into the oncoming traffic lane and steer between the Subaru and the minivan she was passing (Minivan wasn't all that close really). As I cut back into my lane I look in my mirror and see her Subaru Roll of the embankment behind me and tumble into a field rolling about 3 times resting on it's roof. The Mini Van didn't even slow down, so I figured I had to help. I went back, the driver and passenger were crawling out of the car but there in the backseat was another lady. She was shaken up but OK just some minor cuts. She couldnt get out of the car though because the roof was kinda pushed in a little, it was a 2 door. So I at least got the pleasure of kicking in one of the rear windows. Got them out and away from the car, then I take off my helmet and the driver starts crying getting all mushy cause she thought she had killed me. What pissed me off was that she hadn't even tried to turn the car until I was well past her. Turns out she was high and had been smoking pot. Anyway, Troopers show up, realize she is intoxicated and she goes to jail. A buddy picked up the other two girls, and I went about my day. Just thought I would share. Listening to that little voice or just finding yourself chillin out, is a good idea, don't question it, just go along.

Point is, LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICES....Except the ones that tell you to KILL...Monster I am looking your way...:laugh:

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