Don't look here


Oh boy, just what I needed. That's what I get for looking on the Net. Hum, 99 bucks ain't bad for a (new) 2001 AGV Rage Jacket, got AVG pants any who.
buy stuff here
I will not let temptation over come me...

I must not buy anything, Imust not buy anything....
easy Bro., don't look twice.
I bought a leather coat from them... Great service, coat was excellent... I will be buying alot more stuff from them.
I promised not to spend anymore money on my bike............. Until after i get the stemstand, radar detector, bike alarm with pager, and the $2000 worth of chroming done i still have left.... So take that
I just bought a new Teknic Speedstar jacket and gloves for a killer price today from the performance shop that sponsors my forum.  They gave me a great price and top of the line service.  I got them on clearance and saved alot of dough
 They told me that the month of February is the best month for closeouts and special discounts - at least on some of the bigger lines like Teknic and Alpinestars.  Just a heads up since I was so happy with their service

I made a contact form on my forums for my users to get price quotes from them.  Just thought I would pass it along!

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