Dogbone bolts


This maybe a rookie question, but I still need to know. Is there a trick to getting the factory bolt out of the stock dogbone? Top bolt no prob. Bottom bolt is crazy tight. Rounded one side already. Is there a way to take the pressure off the bolt. Weight transfer or something. Or is my stock crap just been torqed on way too tight? Thanks. :withstupid:
They are tight to get loose. But to get it out you will need to take the weight off of your swingarm.

You can hang it from your garage ceiling to do this.
You will need a good 6 point socket 14 mm and a 17 mm . Take a floor jack and put it under the shock and jack it up till you almost gaise the back tire off the ground. It will take you a bunch of strength to break it loose. Also the bottem bolt when you get the nut off. You may have to remove the exhaust system. I didnt, I figgured out there is a bushing that you can slide out the other side once you get the nut off and the bolt will lean just enought to come out.
I have done this before so all of the above is correct. I had to use a cheater bar to break that one loose. I you need more detail let me know and I can walk you through it.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Sounds like the factory might have given that bolt a little TLC... No, not tender lovin' care... THREAD LOCK COMPOUND! :cool:
NEEDS MORE POWER .....try a pry bar for better leverage more power

length + force = loose bolt :D
The recommended clearance and a breaker tool of some sort should ease your sweating and frustration... :D
Ok I went to Wal-mart a bought a impact hammer, it was $18, plugs into the cigerette lighter, and torques to 250 lbs ........ I figured for the amount of time I spend working on the bike ...wheel/chain adjustments, sprocket changes, dog bones, etc it was a good investment ---even came with its own carrying case :D