Does this feeling ever go away ?


Just updated from a cbr600 ( which I thought was fast ) to my Bussa. The thing is I can't get over the power / speed of this thing and just want to ride & ride.

Do you ever get used to them or do they always put the grin on your face that I have on mine.

Oh yeah and can't stop talking about it to my friends who seem t be getting a board of me now ( then none bikers that is ) :D
Had mine since 2001 and the grin is still here. If ya ever get over the feeling of speed/torque that they have, there's always the turbo kit. :bounce:
I don't think it'll go away...ever... :D ---> that's me on my Busa!
I haven't had mine long enough to say whether or not that feeling, and big azz grin, ever goes away. What I can tell you is that it ain't faded one bit in my month or so of ownership. I still grin ear to ear every time I look at 'er. :D

Only thing I'm not happy with since I got 'er is my schedule and the weather. They never seem to work together anymore to give me good riding weather when I'm free from work. I'm either workin' or it's rainin'. :mad:
My gosh Michelle, 500 posts since July!!!! Now that is a woman with something to say......
Pretty much everytime i twist the wrist...pure joy...
This last monday me and Bud went riding in the twisty's...
cornered as hard as i close to touching a peg down,
heart partway lodged in throat...still didn't get down..only a few millimeters more lean would have done it....some wheelies,
then was gonna show off to a friend..wheelie..cold tire with dirt on it..5000' elevation..just broke loose and spun for ten feet....smoki'n..pure joy alway's..That's the Busa in a nutshell.
Been five months or so now, i still get giddy just thinking about riding her... Still 100% pure rush...
I must be odd man out, but I'm kinda used to the speed and power now. I know this cuz twisting throttle used to scare the bejeebers out of me. Now I don't think twice about it to the point where I spin my tire every other start, and always forget when I ride with others that .5 second later I'm slowing for the next traffic light while they are just starting to hammer it to keep up 1/16 of a mile behind me. It's still deceptively fast, but I'm used to that now. I get the grin every now and then when I'm out messing around and take a corner really hot or fly down a strait, but otherwise it's just another day on teh best bike I could find. That's not all bad. :) Quite nice actually. REALLY, REALLY good come to think of it. Aw, heck, I LOVE my BUSA!!!!
had mine since end of april. before that I had a modded 86 Ninja 1000 so maybe that numbed me a bit too. It's all good though. :)
Busaitis stricks again. Welcome to the club. :D I made the same jump. I started out on a 98 CBR 600 also. It is one heck of a kick in the pants isn't it?
The grin is always there, is the Busa was a women I would make love to her :cool:
Yeah, but would you want the same one for the rest of yer life? Or, would you want to trade in on a newer model eventually? :super:

ha ha true enough and no probably not - soon it'll be time to trade her in on a younger, faster, prettier model - just like when it's time to upgrade girlfriends too !!!

P.S. - Thank God my g/f won't read this !!! ha ha ha.

yes, yes, sorry VaBusa - I am a pig, the first step is admitting it