Does Anyone Know How I Can Contact

Hayabusa Man

I understand that "Motorhead" is the guy to buy an HMF exhaust system from. Can anyone tell me how I can contact him?

Thanks all!
I hope this is the Motorhead you are looking for

Motorhead Engineering
Cleveland, Ohio

You may have to call a few times, he is usually away from the phone.
Got a big bird from him through a buddy of mine.

Hayabusa Man,
If you call HMF and tell them that THEMOTORHEAD (Dennis Clanton)sent you, you will get the same deal that he will give you.
$100 off.
He is at Bonneville right now, so you won't get an answer.

He went 245 MPH today, on the salt!i
Yeah, but if you send him a un-opened bag of 'assorted colours gummie bears' now, by the time he gets back he'll see that and give you and extra sugar induced $50.00 off just for the 'shug of it'!  :D

I know how to bribe da boy!  :tounge: